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मथुरा में आगरा एक्सप्रेसवे पर भीषण हादसा, ट्रक से टकराई कार, 5 लोगों की दर्दनाक मौत || MATHURA : केडी में इलाज करा रहे कोरोना मरीजों की संख्या तीन दर्जन से अधिक हुई || MATHURA : दंपती समेत तीन की मौत || MATHURA : पानी सप्लायर को भेजा क्वारंटाइन सेंटर || MATHURA : दो साल से दे रहा था पुलिस को चकमा, गिरफ्तार || MATHURA : चीन के राष्ट्रपति का पुतला फूंका


Class 12 is indeed one of the toughest academic junctures in a student's life as they are required to prepare for various competitive exams while simultaneously preparing for the board exam. As a result, a few of them succumb to the pressure and fail to clear class 12 board exam.

If you have not been able to clear class 12 board examination in a single attempt, CBSE offers you a golden chance to sit for the exam again and clear it, in the form of compartment exam. However, prior to starting the preparation of the compartment exam, you should give a boost to your confidence. The first thing you need to remember is failing in the board exam is not the end of your world. Keep disappointment at bay and give a fresh start to your preparation.

Before moving to the preparation strategy of class 12 compartment exam, let us know the important guidelines to be followed when you are appearing for class 12 compartment exam.

Important Guidelines regarding Class 12 Compartment Exam

Compartment exams provide a chance to those who have failed to clear any of the exams of class 12 board examination without having to repeat studying in class 12 for the second time. Every candidate gets 3 chances to clear the exam. Following are some of the rules pertaining to the compartment exam for class 12:

1. A candidate failing in any one subject in class 12 is eligible for the compartment exam, provided he/she passes in all the subjects of internal assessment. They can either enroll for the exams as private candidates or as LOC (List of Candidates), which is submitted by the school authorities.

2. The candidate who does not appear for the compartment exam or fail in one or all the exams is considered to have failed the exam. He/she has to reappear in all the subjects in the subsequent board examination.

3. For those subjects involving theory as well as practical, those who have passed in the practical exam but failed in theory will have to appear for the compartment exam of only the theory. In this case, the previous practical marks will be carried forward.

4. However, if you have failed only in the practical exam but passed in theory, you will have to appear for the compartment exam of practical as well as theory, even though you have already cleared the practical exam.

Tips to Prepare for Class 12 Compartment Exam

Now that you know the guidelines of class 12 compartment exam, let us now discuss its preparation strategy. Mentioned below are some sure shot success tips for guaranteed success in class 12 compartment exam:

1. Analyze your mistakes: If you were unsuccessful in clearing class 12 board exam in the first attempt, you should retrospect before starting your preparation for the compartment exam. Conduct a thorough analysis and know the areas where you are lagging.

2. Maintain a positive attitude: You are bound to feel disheartened if you have failed to clear the class 12 board exam in one attempt. But, do not let this disappointment come in the way of your preparation and be positive while preparing for the exam.

3. Make a point of not repeating your mistakes: You have got a second chance to clear the exam so you cannot, in any way, mess up with this chance. After analyzing your mistakes, you need to make sure that you do not repeat the mistakes again.

4. Apply SWOT strategy to every subject: SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat. Apply the strategy of SWOT to every subject to improve your score in the examination. Gain by using your strength, work on your weakness, and use the opportunities where you can score better. The topics of threat can be left or if you have time, prepare well for these topics so that you can attempt questions from such topics.

5. Adopt new strategies: If you failed in clearing the exam, it means the strategies you used for the first time did not work in your favor and now is the time to adopt new strategies. Learn effective methods to solve the questions accurately.

6. Start the preparation with NCERT books: The primary resource to be used for the preparation of class 12 compartment exam are NCERT books. If you are facing difficulty in solving questions of the NCERT books, you can refer to NCERT solutions for CBSE class 12. After completing the NCERT books, you can take the help of the reference books for obtaining a deeper knowledge of the topics.

7. Seek help from your teachers: In case you are not able to solve any question, you should refer to your first immediate guide - your teachers. Discuss with them about the topics on which you need help and ask their assistance to improve on those areas.

8. Solve mock tests: Failing to pass class 12 exam in one attempt can mar your confidence. However, you can build your confidence by attempting the mock tests of Gradeup, where you will get detailed analysis and learn effective ways to boost your performance.

It is obvious that you will be anxious while appearing for the compartment exam as it is a matter of your career. However, by adhering to the above-mentioned tips, you can deal with stress and give your best in the compartment exam. By clearing this exam, you can open the doors of opportunities awaiting you and move forward towards your chosen path.